Electric vehicle charging service is calculated per kilowatt-hour.

The cost of one kWh for private clients is 9.00 UAH (VAT incl.).



!    For AC port charging (Type 2 / 22 kW socket), 50% of the consumed amount will be refunded to your balance. Thus, for Type 2 charging, each kilowatt-hour costs only 4,5 UAH.
!    Regardless of the port type used, at least 25.00 kWh must be available on the account at the start of each charging session.


Charging for private clients

After registration on the portal or with the STRUM Charging app, you have to top up your account using your Visa/MasterCard issued by any bank. You could top up your account by 5 to 500 kWh at a time, but to start charging, you must have at least 25.00 kWh on your account. 

The prepaid charging services are available as kilowatt-hours on your virtual account and secured against any further changes in the cost of services. If a charging session is terminated before completion, the unused amount remains on your virtual account.


Charging for STRUM corporate customers

The charging costs and terms for corporate clients are defined in the relevant bilateral agreements.
Furthermore, the following options are available for companies:

  • Issuance of RFID cards and certificates for charging
  • Possibility to charge the corporate fleet of electric vehicles in the STRUM Network
  • Installation of corporate chargers with access only for corporate EVs
  • Installation of STRUM charging stations on company’s sites

Please read the EV Charging Terms and Conditions upon registration.